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Why it's Not your Plantar Fascia causing your Heel Pain...THE SOLUTION!

You've tried everything and still you're searching for help. 

A number one complaint from my new clients is how nothing has worked for their heel pain. The secret has been that they've not been tested correctly for what's actually causing the pain.  I know how to do this for all of my clients, then stop their pain, and now I'm teaching you how to do it yourself!

What you'll get:

  • Over 15 Assessments (with video instruction) that I use in my clinic to determine the correct cause of your heel Pain.
  • Detailed Exercise Prescription to get you effective treatment with videos of all your corrective activities.
  • A guide to how to manage your body's daily Destructive Forces so your body can heal itself.
  • Access to me, a licensed Physical Therapist and Pain Specialist if you get stuck!

Congratulations on taking full control of your Heel Pain and I can't wait to see all the activities you get back to! - Paul 

**If you have any questions or concerns or fall into the Heightened Awareness category or would just prefer to speak with me before starting click HERE to schedule a 1 on 1 call.  Use COUPON CODE: HEELPAIN


What People Are Saying:

“Paul is extremely knowledgeable about how the body works and how everything connects. Which is why he can help fix when it’s out of tune. He thinks and treats outside of the box. I had been having pain in my back for a week. I wasn’t sure where it came from, went 3 times elsewhere, and the pain only got worse. Went to Paul and walked out of the clinic with answers and feeling 100% better. I would recommend anyone here. Not only does he treat. He educates you as well. His passion for healing others is so easily seen. Thank you Paul for treating me!”

Brittney T.

“PT Paul Colosky is outstanding! He identifies the root cause of a patient’s pain and introduces innovative treatment methods to resolve the pain and ensure it does not return. He truly listens to his patients!”

Tammy H.

“As an outpatient therapist myself, I HIGHLY recommend Paul Colosky who has managed to get me out of pain when others could not, including unsuccessful surgery. He managed to get me feeling better rather quickly on more than one occasion..and that's dealing with chronic foot pain that I have had for years..better in a few weeks, something I thought was not fixable. If you don't want to waste time, and actually want to get results and get out of pain, and back to your life, see Paul.”

Rebecca H.

“Valeo is AMAZING. After 5 weeks of pt, I'm nearly healed of my knee pain. I had the same issue 4 years ago...it took other pt groups (and injections) 3 years to accomplish what Valeo has done in 5 weeks. My horrible knee pain was actually stemming from my hips & lower abs. I'm forever grateful to Paul & his staff. ”

Marie H.

“If you can imagine a dream team, that's Valeo. From the Receptionist, who always greets me, to the team who always pushes me to give my very best. They always make sure I'm breathing, which I'm bad at, and always asking if I'm in pain. I try to push myself but they taught me to pace myself and just do what I can. I love coming in the morning and starting my morning with energy. Thank you could never really show how much I appreciate you all. Thanks to you I leave with the knowledge to keep my body healthy. For the first time in 3 years I am confident in my body and what it can handle... And I want to continue my fitness journey.”

Jade V.

“Very glad my daughter's doctor referred us to Valeo!  They were able to alleviate my daughter's knee pain when nothing else had helped her.  The staff is amazing and knowledgeable. They also have Valeo Fit, and I've been training with their personal trainer, Tony, since I saw how patient and helpful they were with my daughter.  I had a lengthy recovery after an operation, and Valeo is helping me get my strength and stamina back.  They're the best! ”

Patty T.

“Really grateful to have found Valeo. The whole staff is amazing, and wonderful, and extremely kind, and VERY patient! They are accommodating with my crazy schedule and are very knowledgeable on how to bring on the healing process. The atmosphere is cheerful and upbeat, and when you leave you definitely feel encouraged. This is a great place! I highly recommend it! :)”

Erica N.

“I can't even begin to express how grateful I am for Valeo Physical Therapy. Having had clavicle surgery in March 2014 and being completely unable to do any form of exercise, Valeo has brought me back. Starting with physical therapy for range of motion, to strengthening, and now I am in their Fitness program. Along the way, I used their Cryo, or "freeze" system that is amazing. I am a 60 year old woman, who is very active, especially in Tennis, so being pain-free and back in the game means everything!”

Dana S.

“My daughter has been going here for about a month because she aged out of her previous pedi program. She's constantly been in PT for the past 5 years due to a debilitating genetic disorder and is very in tune with her body. She told me she feels a bigger reduction in pain after just a month working Paul's plan then she's experienced from any of her other PT experiences. We are looking forward to seeing if Paul can actually put together a plan that moves her forward in her conditioning without the slides she's experienced in the past due to a compromised immune system. With all the additional various therapies - cryotherapy, compression therapy, far infrared therapy, nutrition therapy - we have some hope again that we might see her making some incremental, long term improvement in her physical ability and overall feeling of wellbeing. Everyone is nice and it's a positive, energetic environment.”

Liana R.