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In each therapy session we work to find the root cause of your problem and the #1 thing you SHOULD NOT DO that makes it worse.  This is controlling the Destructive Forces.  Control the Destructive Forces and the body heals itself. #painrelief #posture #hydration #sleep #breathing

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Virtual | Remote Physical Therapy

I provide our whole body assessment, consultation, and treatment via video or audio call.  Common aliments successfully resolved include hip, knee, back, neck, shoulder, and ankle pain.

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In-home Physical Therapy

I come to you whether that it is at your local gym, building gym, home, or office.  I use revolutionary techniques including Blood Flow Restriction Training (BFRT) and Multifunctional Movement techniques to challenge my clients and achieve amazing gains.

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Exercise Program Design

I utilize a whole body approach to exercise design with a focus on functional movements including the ability to get up and down from the ground, squat, and lunge without pain and proper form.

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Nutritional Supplementation | Micro Nutrient Testing

My process begins with a comprehensive nutrition, medication, and lifestyle assessment.  Your data is assessed with a HIPAA compliant algorithm that generates a recommendation specific to you.  DNA and Micro Nutrient testing can be added.

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Posture Corrector Series

The 3 level program to restoring your posture, decreasing strain to your head, neck and shoulders, improving headaches, improving mode and self-esteem.

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Why it's Not your Plantar Fascia causing your Heel Pain!

Why it's not your plantar fascia causing your heel pain is a program designed to discover the Root Cause of your heel pain!  With the Root Cause defined, self directed treatment becomes easy and avoiding recurrent episodes allowing you to own the power to heal yourself!

It's Ready NOW! Get Rid of Heel Pain!

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Get the answers to YOUR questions about YOUR specific pain or injury or exercise goals! Schedule YOUR session NOW!


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